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                Finding a substitute for disposable corn starch tableware
                Corn starch disposable tableware, with corn starch as the main raw material, is processed by high-tech production technology. Natural conditions can be degraded by themselves, which avoids environmental pollution and saves non-renewable resources such as petroleum. After testing by the national prestigious testing department, all the health physical and chemical objectives have reached the national standards, which were previously regarded as. It is an ideal substitute for disinfectant utensils widely used in the catering market. Corn starch-based biodegradable tableware is a pollution-free green product for human livelihood and environmental protection. International initiatives and domestic policies strongly support it.
                Product strengths
                The advantages of truly qualified disposable corn starch tableware:
                Pollution-free: Because it is refined from corn starch and other environmental protection materials, it does not contain harmful substances to human body and can be used for a long time.
                Zero Pollution: The product is buried in the soil and can be degraded to form carbon dioxide and water after 90 days at suitable temperature. It does not pollute the soil and air.
                Provincial resources: Corn starch is a renewable resource, inexhaustible and inexhaustible, while paper tableware and plastic tableware require a lot of wood and petrochemical products. Corn starch is used as raw material to save a lot of oil and forest resources.
                Disposable corn starch tableware has appeared in many restaurants in Qingdao before, but a few years later, they can only be seen in a few restaurants.
                “我这几年也是不断引入新设备,尝试了多种资料,有塑料的、有玉米淀粉的。其中纯玉米淀粉的餐具失利了 ,原因首要就是玉米淀粉含量太高,吃饭的时分倒上水,不到半个小时就化了 ,现在基本上都不用了。”
                I have been introducing new equipment, trying a variety of materials, including plastic, corn starch. Among them, pure corn starch tableware failed, the main reason is that the corn starch content is too high, when eating water, less than half an hour to melt, now basically no use.
                玉米淀粉餐具不实用让厂家很伤脑筋,更让代理商伤透脑筋。“咱们产品的玉米淀粉含量高,压塑成型之后硬度大,可是遇水则化,原因也是由于玉米淀粉含量高。假如想让它不怕水,就得削减淀粉含量,加一些塑料原料,这跟环保又有所违背。因而,有些公司为了省劲,就很大幅度削减了玉米淀粉份额,可是对外还说是玉米淀粉产品 ,据我分析,里边能有1%份额的玉米淀粉就不错了。”
                Wang Shi said that the unpractical use of corn starch tableware made the manufacturers very puzzled, and even made the agents break their brains. "The corn starch content of our products is high, and the hardness of our products is high after compression moulding, but when water is used, the reason is also because of the high content of corn starch. If you want it not to be afraid of water, you have to cut down the starch content and add some plastic raw materials, which is contrary to environmental protection. Therefore, in order to save energy, some companies have greatly reduced the share of corn starch, but also said that corn starch products, according to my analysis, there can be a 1% share of corn starch is not bad.
                要区分真实的玉米淀粉餐具,王司理说只能从硬度来看。“由于玉米淀粉的特性 ,用它加工出来的餐具硬度都是很高的,不会一捏就变形。平常假如遇到捏上去很软的玉米淀粉餐具,或许里边很大一部分成分都是塑料。”记者了解到一些厂家不愿再产玉米淀粉餐具。
                To distinguish the real corn starch tableware, Wang Sili said it can only be seen from hardness. "Because of the characteristics of corn starch, the tableware processed with corn starch has high hardness and won't deform at a pinch. Ordinarily, if you come across cornstarch cutlery that is very soft pinched, maybe a large part of the ingredients in it are plastic. Reporters learned that some manufacturers are reluctant to produce corn starch tableware.
                To sum up, Anhui Xinke Biological Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. provides more information about disposable corn starch tableware. Welcome to our website: http://www.shenqihotel.com. Thank you for your support!