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                文字:[大][中][小] 手机页面二维码 2018-11-29 16:35:17    



                Universal and Survival of Disposable Tableware
                In many restaurants abroad, there are already edible tableware, such as biscuit tableware and so on. The technical problems have been dealt with, and the quality has been ensured, without affecting the meals or even the ability to fill drinks. But now it is necessary and unlikely that domestic demand will reduce the cost, otherwise it will not be pushed forward without price advantage.
                In fact, consider the use of disposable tableware scenarios:
                1. Takeaway; 2. Fast-consuming restaurants
                First of all, take-out distribution needs labor costs are not right. Where does this labor cost come from? Two aspects: 1. Packing cost of 1 yuan when packing. 2. The profit of the owner. But because you don't eat in the shop, you reduce the eating time of the table. So the owner can get back the profit, but I don't know how much I can get back. I haven't opened it yet. Restaurants are not very clear about profits and have not done market research. So, according to the price of foreign edible tableware, you can see that Indian edible spoons are $10,100, about $10,64 RMB. Converted to 0.64 RMB per spoon, the disposable chopsticks Alibaba used in the market now are between 0.02 yuan and 0.08 yuan a pair. How much is the price distance? Add this kind of edible spoon. Sealed boxes almost wiped out the profit of $1 at the time of distribution. Then the wages of the distributors can not be reduced or the employer still pays for them. Otherwise, the cost of delivery per unit will rise to 2 yuan? It's not easy for the children who have lunch boxes to bear.
                Secondly, Fast-consuming small restaurants, such as breakfast stalls, our people's eating habits are seldom hands-on, even if you eat a steamed bun bowl of porridge when sitting in the shop, it will also consume a pair of chopsticks, how much is the price of a steamed bun bowl of porridge, not more than 3 yuan, withholding the cost and then allocating 0.6 yuan to the chopstick factory, if the owner If the price does not rise, he will lose money. If the other shops do not rise, he will have no business. So it is no doubt that he will die to eat chopsticks at such a high cost. Now that all the tableware is closed, it still can't be pushed, right?
                Then consider the eating habits at home and abroad. (It's not clear that I've never been abroad, but at least I've seen American blockbusters!) I think eating abroad mainly depends on knives and forks, but I really can't grasp it. Our country's diet, steamed buns, cakes and so on, can't grasp it. It's not appropriate to divide fish-flavored pork shredded rice and Lanzhou noodles, so our restaurants have chopsticks. I think this is also one of the reasons for the large consumption of disposable tableware in our country. (The other population is really large). This kind of edible chopsticks should be popular in our country without considering the cost, right? But our country is big. You make a sorghum flavor. Well, it can be eaten, but people don't like it. Nobody eats it. You said that it can degrade, yes, it can degrade, corn starch can degrade, but also divided into garbage disposal methods, our country is mainly landfill and combustion, in this regard, this kind of tableware is a little superior, landfill pollution is relatively small, burning is no difference.
                To sum up, Anhui Xinke Biological Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. provides more knowledge about disposable tableware. Welcome to our website: http://www.shenqihotel.com. Thank you for your support.